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Ntsakiso Youth Development

Your future is preciuos work smart to achieve it  

                        Ntsakiso youth development 2020




  1. To promote the love of education among the upcoming generation.

  2. To aid the youth of today to reach their academic goals.

  3. To strive to discover talents of youth in our respective community.

  4. To keep away the youth from streets, taking drugs and alcohol.

  5. To create better future among young people.

  6. To develop self-esteem in the young people.

  7. To promote unity and patriotism among the youth.

  8. To instil the spirit of helpfulness in young people of our communities.

  9. To equip and empower young people with different knowledge which will help them in all spheres of life.

  10. To promote participation in sports, arts and culture on youth.

  11. To develop responsible young people who will be able to make right choices in their lives.

  12. To encourage the youth to stay away from sexually activities or to practice safe sex.     

                     NPO Reg No: 064-908