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Ntsakiso Youth Development

Your future is preciuos work smart to achieve it  

Dear Browsers


Please find Phambile Trust’s Standard Application Form for financial assistance which has to be completed in order to supply us with all information that we require to evaluate your application and to enter it into our selection process. The completion of the Standard Application Form will only be the first step in the selection process. From the content of the Form we will compile a shortlist. Applicants who made it to the shortlist will be invited to an interview. The result of the interview will put us into the position to draw up a personality profile of each applicant. All personality profiles will be sent with comments and recommendations to our Trustees who will finally select the very best applicants for our financial study assistance. This is a long process, but it is worth trying.

Phambile Trust is a small private family trust which is funded from the savings of members of my family and my friends. We try to assist highly motivated and gifted young people with a good academic record to reach their academic goals if lack of finances is the only obstacle that prevents them from developing their full potential. Dependent on its financial situation in the second half of this year the Trust will decide whether and how many additional students can be granted financial assistance.

To qualify for financial assistance through Phambile Trust the following criteria have to be met:

1.  You have to prove that you are needy and that without financial assistance by Phambile Trust you would not be able to study.

2.  You have to prove that you have tried to obtain financial assistance from other sources (e.g. NSFAS).

3.  You or your family have to contribute a certain amount of money to the total study cost. This contribution is not a fixed amount. It largely depends on your and/or your family's financial ability.

4.  Your academic performance so far must be good.

5.  You have to convince the Trust that you are ambitious, hard working and determined enough to succeed with your studies and that there is no doubt that you will complete your studies in the shortest possible time, so that no financial aid is wasted.

If you believe that you meet the above criteria and thus qualify for financial assistance through the Trust you are welcome to complete and return the Application Form. Please complete it very thoroughly. Answer all questions. Don’t leave any question unanswered. If a question doesn’t apply to your circumstances enter “N/A”. Attach all requested documents.

Please note that we will only accept completely filled in application forms with specified financial requirements and with no required documents missing without acceptable explanation.

Closing Date: 30.10.2011

Regards Achim Naumann – Trustee

PS: in other to obtain the form drops us an e-mail at nyouthdev@gmail.com